Dental Bonding

Why Dental Bonding?

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, which is not an uncommon problem, dental bonding may be the right solution for you. Dental bonding also can assist in filling out the shape of a tooth. It can be easy to crack or chip a tooth while playing sports, or doing just about anything! Bonding a damaged tooth can help restore the tooth and regain its natural strength, as well as making your smile look bright and beautiful again.

What To Expect

Dental bonding is minimally invasive, and is a fantastic alternative to having veneers put on a tooth or teeth. If you need bonding or other dental procedures in San Antonio, arrange an appointment with us and we can ascertain if dental bonding is correct for you. Usually, one visit to us is all it takes to improve the strength and appearance of your teeth. Procedures typically take from half an hour to an hour per tooth.

Bonding is the process where your dentist will use a composite resin which is composed of special plastic and glass or made from a resin that is used to mend a cracked or discolored tooth. We can match the color of your tooth so nobody will be aware that any repair work was been done. The bonding agent will attach to your natural tooth creating a very strong bond.

The Procedure

There is usually no preparation needed for this procedure which means that almost all of the natural tooth will be left in place which will allow for a more robust and better looking tooth after the procedure has been finished. Little preparation also means less stress on you as you will have very little or sometimes even no drills at all involved.

Find Out More

Patients must have this procedure done every few years as eventually, the bonding will change color or sometimes even chip off of the tooth. To learn more about dental bonding, contact Mason Dental Center. Our professional team would be very happy to answer any questions you might still have and arrange an appointment.