Why X-Rays?

You might have some concerns if your dental professional tells you that you need an x-ray. But, when used in the correct manner, this is an extremely safe procedure which is very helpful in the early detection of many oral health problems.

What X-Rays Tell Your Dentist

X-rays allow your dental professional to see a complete picture of your oral health which would not be achievable with just a visual inspection. Your dentist will see a highly detailed image of your gums, bones, roots, teeth, gums, warning signs of cavities, crowding of teeth in the mouth, impacted wisdom teeth, gum disease and other oral health problems. A general x-ray might be vital to assist your dentist get an overall idea of a new patient’s dental needs. If a good oral health practise is implemented, repeat x-rays should not be needed.

All x-rays use a very small dose of radiation and past research has proved that this source accounts for only a minute proportion of the total radiation exposures from natural and man-made environments and materials. It is important to note that the health risks from radiation can rise in cases of repeated exposures over time, because of this, it is the duty of your dentist to measure the benefits against the risks on a patient to patient basis.

Protocol For Our X-Rays

At Mason Dental Center we are dedicated to observing the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) advice, and will suggest radiography for your dental inspection and treatment as infrequently as possible, and only if the potential benefits outweigh any risk.

We use only up to date digital technology and film which ensures extremely precise imaging using the lowest dose of radiation appropriate. During this very brief procedure we also, of course, take great care to shield the rest of your face, head, and body from radiation.

Why Choose Us?

Consistent dental examinations make a vital contribution to your overall health and well-being. At Mason Dental Center we are dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment where you will feel relaxed and at ease.