Composite Fillings

Why Composite Fillings?

Despite your best efforts to espouse great oral hygiene, you may still sometimes develop a cavity. If, during your regular dental checkup, we happen to come across a cavity or an area of rot, we can and will restore it by applying a tooth enamel-colored resin known as a composite filling.

Our Composite Fillings

Here at Mason Dental Center, we make our composite fillings with BPA-free, resin-based material. The resin-based composite components are guaranteed to be effective and safe. Our composite fillings will create a sturdy connection with the affected tooth or teeth, ensuring it is possible for your dentist to maintain any healthy tooth structure that remains.

If you have silver fillings, we can remove them and restore them with composite fillings. Composite fillings last longer and are safer than silver fillings. Composite fillings shrink and stabilize your tooth. Silver fillings, on the other hand, have a tendency to swell and can weaken the tooth. This swelling can cause the tooth to crack and or even break, requiring further intervention to repair it.

The Procedure

Composite fillings can be completed during just one visit to our dental office. We will administer an anesthetic to both the teeth and gums of the patient. Your dentist will then gently remove any decayed material in the area and replace it with a form fitted filling. Finally, we will inspect the shape of the filling, review your bite, and ask you how you feel with the new filling in place. If any alterations need to be performed, we should be able to do it there and then in almost all cases.

Why Choose Us?

At Mason Dental Center your dental professionals use state of the art technology and the safest materials to create all the fillings we apply. We promise an excellent fit, perfect function, and longevity- as well as the best possible appearance. Just as with your natural teeth, great hygiene, healthy eating habits, and regular check ups with your dentist are vital to ensure the maximum life for your composite filling and help maintain comfort and good oral health for you.

To find out more about composite fillings, contact Mason Dental Center. Our expert staff would be delighted to answer any questions you might still have and arrange an appointment.