Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants?

Replacement bridges or teeth require a man-made root anchored in the jaw to hold them, these are known as dental implants. Patients who have lost teeth through periodontal disease or injury are usually ideal candidates for dental implants.

The Two Common Types Of Implants:

Endosteal Implant (In the Bone) By far, these are the most common type of implant. There are various types available, these include; cylinders, blades or screws which, via surgery are installed in the jawbone. Every implant which is imbedded in the jaw can accommodate one or more sets of prosthetic teeth. This type of implant is usually ideal for patients which have removable bridges or dentures.
Subperiosteal (On the Bone) As the name suggests this type of implant is set on top of the bone rather than in it. This implant results in metal posts which protrude through the gum and these posts are what hold the prosthetics in place. This style of implant are most commonly recommended for patients that are unable to use traditional dentures due to their bone height being minimal.

The perfect candidate for this procedure would have great general and oral health. Further more, the patient requires their jaw to have sufficient bone height. The jaw bone is what is used to bolster the implant. Ideally, the patient should be periodontal disease free, and have generally healthy gum tissues for this procedure.

Implant Maintenance

It is vital to visit your dental professional consistently, and as you are already aware, maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regiment is extremely important. With that in mind, maintaining your implants is no different. Your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing will ensure that your implants will stay clean and plaque free at all times.

Why Choose Us?

At Mason Dental Center, we use state of the art technology and the safest materials for all of the implants we apply. We promise an excellent fit, perfect function, and longevity- as well as the best possible appearance. Just as with your natural teeth, great hygiene, healthy eating habits, and regular check ups with your dentist are vital to ensure the maximum life for your implant and help maintain comfort and good oral health for you.

To find out more about dental implant options for you, contact Mason Dental Center and arrange an appointment.